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Reconnaissance and Surveillance Course

Systematic Optical Surveillance (SOS) - 3 days                                                                                                                        

This is a condensed, fast paced course that includes 20 hours of reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition (RSTA) field exercises. Course begins with the most sophisticated targeting sensor, “human visual perception” and develops advanced skills with long range capabilities (1-5km). The SOS course is designed to enable operators to conduct effective observation over large areas of urban, rural and mountainous terrain. 

Course topics:

·         Maximizing visual acuity and optical performance

·         Mitigating visual suppression

·         Controlled optics scanning, detailed search and micro points scanning

·         Long range reconnaissance and surveillance

·         Target distinctness

·         Positive Identification

·         Target acquisition alignment

·         Maintaining observation endurance

·         Tactical fieldcraft and movement

·         Optics selection, accessories and maintenance

Measurable results after SOS                                                                                                                 

Operators demonstrate increased standoff observation capabilities from 100-200% with 26-50 oz. optical systems and 300% with larger systems. During timed exercises, surveillance coverage, threat recognition and designation becomes 3-5 times faster.


Battlespace Tactical Acuity Courses (BTAC)



BTAC Target Science - 10 days and 2 nights

This advanced threat detection and targeting course develops four essential methods of recognizing and controlling threats: SOS, Combat Tracking, Target Profiling and Human Terrain Dynamics. Course increases reconnaissance, surveillance, target acquisition capabilities and tactics which address highly evasive targets. Includes: 110hrs of RSTA, Combat Tracking, threat detection, and force-on-force exercises   


Course topics:


·         Combat Tracking Operations

·         Long Range Target Acquisition, Designation and Handoff

·         Evasive target behaviors

·         Tracking evasive targets in concealment environments

·         Terrain exploitation

·         Evading Target Recovery Drills

·         Low contrast, low light target acquisition

·         Night vision and thermal systems target acquisition

·         Predator / Prey dynamics

·         Perimeter / Incident Site Tracking Analysis

·         Backtracking and evidence recovery

·         Long range video / photography


Sniper / Counter Sniper Course



BTAC Military Sniper - 10 days and 2 nights                                                                                                                                                  

This advanced Sniper Observer course integrates BTAC Target Science curriculum and includes: 110hrs of RSTA, Counter Sniper, Combat Tracking, counter-tracking, and terrain exploitation exercises. Perquisite: Active military USMC Scout Sniper, US Army Sniper, Squad Designated Marksman or US Navy SEAL Sniper





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