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Target Systemics was formed after 9/11 to provide open source reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition (RSTA) training to US military personnel. We also conduct RSTA systems testing and visual perception research to understand why some operators detect targets and threat indicators more effectively. To date approximately 500 Marines and Soldiers have received our training. In recent years we have focused on training active and retired Military Instructors to pass this knowledge on to the next generation. This website provides information about our training and applied operations research. Additional information and training aids are available to military and law enforcement.  



Increase U.S. peacekeepers’ effectiveness through comprehensive research and proving advanced RSTA systems.


Company history 

In 2000 we met with Tactical Tracking Operations School, to discuss an emerging reconnaissance and surveillance method resulting in numerous poaching, smuggling and grow site interdictions. This method, developed by professional hunters to monitor evasive game and control poaching, exploited less distinct target intelligence (e.g. perimeter tracking analysis, terrain dynamics, behavior profiling, long range surveillance, and pursuit tracking during interdictions). TTOS collaborated with us and introduced SME’s; Owen Couch, Michael Kancir, Ophthalmologist Dr. James Kreter MD, Dr. Bruce Krell, Peter Kerr, Jon Frantzen, David Diaz, Mark Sexton, John Hurth, Jason Brokaw, Fred Osuna, Jon Boyd and Paul Crownover to course design. In 2003, the first integrated Combat Tracking program was piloted with USMC 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion. From 2004-2011, Marines deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan guided research and innovated new applications and pre-deployment training to address counterinsurgency operations.



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